Over the Hedge stories starting to trickle in

Michael Fry and T. Lewis’ “Over the Hedge” movie is starting to create some buzz as it gets closer to it’s May 19 nation-wide opening. Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation CEO had this nice thing to say about the movie:

“That was the genius of the strip. You know, we?re in their back yard,” he says, referring to the animals. “To see the world, to see ourselves, through their eyes, to me, was a wonderful, charming perspective.”

DreamWorks and Activision will be releasing a video game to accompany the release of the movie. This game review site interviewed Rich Santiano, Project Manager for the game who talks about how the game was put together – how much Fry and Lewis were involved in the video game (not much) and other interesting tidbits. The Over the Hedge game hits store shelves on May 9.

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