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Doonesbury was the start of a new comic era

The Morning Sentinel (Maine) has a lengthy article on the impact of Doonesbury on the daily comics page.

His characters have dealt with AIDS, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, college students, gun control and other issues.

Trudeau has remained current. Recent themes have included the problems of wounded veterans returning from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan — not the sort of thing you’d find in Family Circus.

Almost from the first, some have argued that Doonesbury belongs on the editorial page, not in the comics. While that is not an unreasonable point of view, I disagree.

Doonesbury is a different kind of comic, but it was created as a comic, and many days it has nothing to do with political issues. Shifting it back and forth — some days on the comics page, some on the editorial page –would be impractical and confusing to readers.

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