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Darrin Bell takes down Scott McClellan

Darrin Bell, creator for “Candorvillehas taken credit for the recent resignation of White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan. I’m sure most of his blog posting was in jest, but Darrin certainly is passionate about his views about this White House.

But obviously, all this is just a smokescreen. We all know McClellan resigned just to spite Candorville. This is a blatant attempt to rob a humble comic strip of one of its most effective recurring devices: Scott McClellan as the embodiment of the most hilariously mendacious White House in modern history.

What they didn’t count on was that the satire gods always step in to rescue columnists and stand-up comics, talk show hosts and even forsaken cartoonists: Fox News is reporting that Tony Snow, a Fox News reporter, is in the running to become the next White House spokesman. As Josh Micah Marshall put it today, “isn’t this more of an interdepartmental transfer?”

UPDATE Darrin writes in to mention that as of today he is moving his blog to a new address. His blog on the Rudy Park site will continue to exist, but his Candorville blog will be the one that gets updated in the future. If you’ve subscribed to his RSS feed on Rudy Park, you’ll have to re-subscribe to his feed on Candorville to keep up to date. I’ve added Darin to my list of professional cartoonist blogs (see far right column toward bottom).

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