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F-minus grows beyond its University beginning

Tony Carrillo received some positive press from the Arizona Republic who did a large feature on the launch of his feature “F Minus.” The story talks about how F Minus grew from a college strip to a big time syndicated feature.

The comic got its start with a student audience. It was printed inside ASU’s student-run paper, the State Press, for two years.

It garnered national attention when Carrillo won an MTV contest in 2004, winning a six-month development deal with United Features Syndicate. Now United likes the strip so much it will be printed in more than 75 papers all over the United States.

“And that number is growing all the time,” said Mary Anne Grimes, a spokeswoman for the New York City-based company.

The Boston Globe, Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, Seattle Times and The Arizona Republic are among the newspapers who are picking up Carrillo’s comic, according to Grimes.

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