Salt Lake Tribune prints reader’s letters regarding Boondocks hiatus

Ever wonder what the public thinks when a feature disappears from their paper and they don’t know why? The Salt Lake Tribune received quite a few letters complaining when Boondocks disappeared from the comics page – not knowing that it would someday return. Several thought the Tribune – a more liberal paper – had finally buckled under the pressure of the predominate state conservatives.

“I am disappointed to see that The Boondocks comic strip has been stopped, and hope it is just temporary. It would appear the Tribune thought it wasn’t ‘white’ enough for its Utah audience. We need to see more diversity and different viewpoints, not less, even if just in a comic strip. Some of the satire was wonderful. I hope you get enough feedback that will push for its return.”

Should Aaron return in the fall, I’m sure the Trib will return Boondocks and the letters will pour in congratulating the Tribune for growing a spine.