Rumors of more comic strip based movies in the works

Over on Movies Online is a post about how creatively bankrupt Hollywood has become and the new trend for movie markers is to take comic strips and make them into movies. That’s probably not very revealing – it’s happened several times before, but at the end of the article the writer lists some of the comic strips that are rumored to be in various stages of production for a full length animation film, including: “The Phantom,” “Crankshaft,” and “Get Fuzzy.” Of course these are rumors and ought to be treated as such.

So now what comes after? There is nothing confirmed yet but I?ve come across the following rumors.
“The Ghost Who Walks” aka “The Phantom” is in the works for another big screen attempt at reviving the pulp-adventure genre (I guess everyone is trying to cash in on the new Indiana Jones flick). Those of us older than 10 years of age may still remember the 1996 “The Phantom” starring Billy Zane. The plot will more than likely once again revolve around a costumed crime-fighter who fights evil in the jungles of Africa. Lee Falk created the comic strip in 1936.

Also rumored is “Crankshaft” by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers, about a cranky bus driver, and “Get Fuzzy” by Darby Conley (Kirk Wise rumored to direct), about a pet owner who has to put up with the antics of his pet dog and cat (sound familiar? Well actually the strip is pretty good).

I did a bit of Googling and it does appear that a Get Fuzzy movie is in the work and Kirk Wise is the director. No cast has been selected, but Columbia Pictures will be the distributor and Sprocketdyne Entertainment is the production company. My sources are here and here.