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Ann Coulter takes a jab at Arabs, O’Reilly and ‘Garfield’

Ann Coulter, the right-wing columnist (syndicated through Universal Press), just can’t stop offending the cartoonists. Currently she’s got Ted Ralls’ knickers in a twist after claiming he had entered the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest (which he denies), now in her latest column she bashes Arabs, Bill O’Reilly, the NYT and even takes a parting swipe at “Garfield“.

Taking to heart the lesson that violence works, I hereby announce to the world: I am offended by hotel windows that don’t open, pilots chattering when the passengers are trying to sleep, and Garfield cartoons. Next time my sleep is disturbed by gibberish about our altitude over Kansas, the National Pilots Emirate embassy is going down. And mark my words: One minute after “Garfield II” goes into pre-production, some heads are gonna roll. Oh ? and I’ll take the San Diego port, please.

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