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20+ King Feature cartoonist to be at NY Comic-con

Editor and Publisher has a story that more than 20 King Feature cartoonist will be on hand at the New York Comic-Con.

Among the King creators slated to appear are Isabella Bannerman (“Six Chix”), Ray Billingsley (“Curtis”), Frank Bolle (“Apartment 3-G”), Chance Browne (“Hi and Lois”), Hy Eisman (“Popeye”), Ron Ferdinand (“Dennis the Menace”), Joe Giella (“Mary Worth”), Patty and Terry LaBan (“Edge City”), and Larry Lieber (“The Amazing Spider-Man”).

Also: Patrick McDonnell (“Mutts”), Karen Moy (“Mary Worth”), Graham Nolan (“The Phantom” and “Rex Morgan, M.D.”), Rina Piccolo (“Tina’s Groove” and “Six Chix”), Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”), Hilary Price (“Rhymes With Orange”), Al Scaduto (“They’ll Do It Every Time”), Mark Schultz (“Prince Valiant”), Brian Walker (“Hi and Lois”), Greg Walker (“Hi and Lois”), and Mort Walker (“Beetle Bailey”).

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