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Rall v. Coulter update

Ted Rall’s quest to file a libel/slander suit against Ann Coulter is looking less and less likely. Ted’s attorney has said that there is a good chance of winning (but always a chance of losing), but the fight would take years, and Coulter has more money to hire big 1st amendment law firms. Search and Destroy
Ted has decided that if he would only go forward if more money were raised for such a filing.

I could, of course, simply use the $6,000 I’ve raised so far through my pledge drive (thanks, everyone?you’re the best!) to pay for the initial filing of a lawsuit. The problem is what happens next. As months of depositions and discovery drag into years, even people who initially supported legal action tend to move on, to become less interested in helping to support such a case, especially as it fades from the headlines. Without continued public support I simply couldn’t afford to keep making the necessary motions and filings, and would have to drop the suit.

Once I commit to a fight, I’m determined to see it through to its conclusion. So I’m not giving up my idea of pursuing legal action for the time being. What I need, quite frankly, is enough money pledged up front?and, if and when I file, paid directly to my attorneys?to ensure that this case can be brought to trial.

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