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Chip Bok meets with C.A.I.R. regarding his cartoon

Chip Bok provides some dialog to a meeting he attended with 15 memebers of Council on American Islamic Relations regarding a recent cartoon he drew.

I said the cartoon made a point and offensiveness was a byproduct. They felt that offensiveness was the point.

Maybe they had a point. When I drew it I wasn’t thinking about the mostly friendly faces that were now questioning me. I was thinking of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch film maker murdered by an Islamic lunatic, burning embassies, and threats to cut off cartoonist’s heads. All those things were done in the name of Islam. Those things are a greater blasphemy than a cartoon. Right?

My hosts condemned the terrorists and dismissed them as a small percentage of a huge religion of 1.3 billion people.

They were thinking of their religion as they know it. I was thinking of their religion as I see it.

It doesn’t appear that Chip is backing down from his earlier opinions. Thanks Chip for daring to ask the right questions.

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