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Sandra Bell-Lundy’s friends are her inspiration

Sandra Bell-Lundy’s feature “Between Friends” is based on friendships with her close friends. One of those friends, Mary Ann Wright was featured in the Woodstock Sentinel about what it’s like to have an alter ego in the funny pages.

Wright and Bell-Lundy met in a St. Catharines high school, where Wright had no idea of Bell-Lundy?s hidden talents.

“I knew she liked to draw, (but) that?s all I knew,” Wright said during an interview in her Woodstock home last week.

The pair later became close-knit friends during a backpacking trip through Europe in 1979. They remained close friends through weddings, divorces and other life-altering events.

In the mid-1980s, when Bell-Lundy was seeking to turn her hobby into a profession, she turned to her friends and their lives as fodder for her new comic strip.

“Maeve was definitely who I was,” Wright said. “It was a snapshot of me.”

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