Michael Fry to end “Committed”

E&P is reporting that Michael Fry has announced that he is ending his “Committed” panel.

The “Committed” panel will end Feb. 19 after 12 years of syndication with United Media.

“I’m creatively done with it,” said Michael Fry, when asked Friday why he was stopping his comic. “There are only so many gags about a family with young kids before you start repeating yourself.”

Fry will still have plenty to keep him busy. He and T Lewis co-create “Over the Hedge,” the 1995-launched United comic that spawned a computer-animated film coming to movie theaters May 19. Also, Fry recently started doing the “Live Nude Geeks” animated Web series for PC Magazine.

I have to assume that with only 45 newspapers running “Committed” and the opportunities related to the release of the “Over the Hedge” movie make ending “Committed” a no-brainer.