Ed Stein talks about Denver Squares, his editorial cartoons

Ed Stein, editorial cartoonist for Rocky Mountain News, was interviewed yesterday about his work as an editorial cartoonist and regarding his comic strip “Denver Square” that runs exclusively in the RMN.

Mark(Q): How do you view your Denver Square cartoon strip differently from your editorial cartoons?

Ed(A): I see Denver Square as a completely different kind of cartoon. It has characters and a specific setting, and is about local issues and events. It give me a chance to have fun with what’s going on in the city and the state, not all of it serious. I’m afraid my political biases slip into it, but it’s not primarily a political commentary; it’s about enjoying what’s going on in town.

As a complete aside, a RMN columnists reported that Ed Stein and Rob Rogers (editorial cartoonist of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) have a bet on the outcome of this Sunday’s Bronco-Steeler’s AFC Championship. The winner gets to select a cartoon original from the loser.

BRONCOS BET: Rocky Mountain News cartoonist Ed Stein has made a wowsa wager on the outcome of Sunday’s Broncos-Steelers AFC Championship game. Stein put up one of his original drawings against the same stake from fellow cartoonist pal Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“It will be a drawing of my choice when the Steelers lose, and his choice if by some improbable twist of fate the Broncos don’t prevail,” Stein said.