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Short-Lived Shows: The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

TV Squad has a short blip about the The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show that ran on Saturday morning television back in the early 80’s. Also mentioned is Garfield and Friends that soon followed.

Other than the fact that The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show was sandwiched among more thrilling and kinetic animated programming, trying to recreate the subtly and subtext of the comic strip in animated form, much less trying to do it every week, had to be a daunting task. Younger kids could be drawn to it by the characters and the fantasy elements brought to the show by Snoopy, but kids who were old enough to follow along most likely turned to more exhilarating fare. Three years later Jim Davis would repeat Schulz’s “strip to TV” formula with Garfield and Friends, which was slightly more successful, though by no means the better of the two.

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