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Wiley Miller Suggests Editorial Cartoonists Stop Syndicating Their Work

E&P has a story about comments Wiley Miller has made suggesting that in addition to Black Ink Monday, syndicated editorial cartoonists should cease to syndicate their work for a week or even up to a month.

“The biggest problem is that staff cartoonists are too easily replaced with cheap syndicated cartoons,” said Miller. So staff cartoonists who syndicate, he added, are indirectly “taking the jobs of others.”

But if staff cartoonists stopped syndicating temporarily or permanently, would some newspapers run no cartoons at all? “I doubt that would be the case, as the biggest reason cartoons are run on the editorial page to begin with is to have art break up all the copy,” replied Miller. “If any newspapers decide to go entirely without, then that’s their business. Hardly a reason to continue with something that’s costing everyone their jobs.”

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