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Salt Lake Comic Con sets another attendance record

Salt Lake Comic Con set another attendance record with over 120,000 attendees. This is only its second comic con. Earlier this spring was the sibling convention FanX which also set records of more than 72,000. With numbers this large, there were long lines and dealing with these numbers posed issues for the organizers for a […]

Posted on: Sep 9, 2014,  Section: Cartoons, Conventions, Comments: 1 Comment

When cartoonists come to Salt Lake City…

Yesterday kicked off the Salt Lake Comic Con. When I heard Dave Kellett and Fred Schroder were going to be in town to screen their documentary “Stripped“, I suggested we get together with other area cartoonists/illustrators for a post-first day convention dinner. Below are several of the best talent in Salt Lake City. We’re lucky […]

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San Diego Comic-Con files suit against Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con organizers essentially shrugged off the cease and desist letter from San Diego Comic-Con and so SDCC has filed a suit against the fledgling comic con. At issue is the use of the phrase “comic con” with no hyphen. SDCC owns the trademark for “comic-con” and believes Salt Lake Comic Con is […]

Posted on: Aug 9, 2014,  Section: Animation, Books, Cartoons, Comic strips, Conventions, Comments: 2 Comments

San Deigo Comic-Con sends cease-and-desist letter to Salt Lake Comic Con

From the Washington Post: Organizers of two of the biggest comic-book conventions in the country are clashing over their names. A lawyer for San Diego Comic-Con has issued a cease-and-desist letter to organizers of Utah’s Salt Lake Comic Con demanding them to drop “Comic Con” from the name. “Attendees, exhibitors and fans seeing use of […]

Posted on: Jul 28, 2014,  Section: Cartoons, Comic strips, Controversies, Conventions, Comments: 4 Comments

Is drawing fan art at conventions violating copyright?

Lora Innes writes for Paperwings: Easily half the artists exhibiting at any mainstream Comic Con or Anime Show make and sell fan art. And by ?fan art? I mean merchandise featuring characters the artist does not own: prints, buttons, tee shirts, key chains, hats, tote bags?I even saw Captain American mittens at the last show […]

Posted on: Jul 2, 2014,  Section: Cartoons, Conventions, Comments: 4 Comments

Marketing lessons from the success of the Salt Lake Comic Con

The Salt Lake Comic Con set records for the biggest first year comic-con. Without a doubt there was a lot of untapped geeks in Utah, but what the organizers did with their social media campaign should be something to study for anyone promoting an event or product. Luckily Cheryl Conner wrote a piece for Forbes […]

Posted on: Sep 20, 2013,  Section: Conventions, Comments: 3 Comments

Video recap Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Magazine’s Fernando Lara did a great video wrap-up of the first ever Salt Lake Comic Con. I keep bring this up, and certainly the organizers don’t need my help promoting this anymore, but this convention has established itself to be a big one in the future. Salt Lake City is very easy to […]

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First Salt Lake Comic Con sets records

The inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con has set the record for the largest opening comic con in the nation with over 90,000 tickets sold for the three day event. 70-80,000 were estimated to have attended Saturday alone stretching the convention center to capacity and requiring the fire marshal to limit entry. That action barred even […]

Posted on: Sep 9, 2013,  Section: Conventions, Comments: Comments Off on First Salt Lake Comic Con sets records

First ever Salt Lake Comic Con hits 30,000 attendees; Stan Lee to appear

Here in my backyard I’ve watched in amazement as the first Salt Lake Comic Con was announced and a nearly daily announcement of big names in comics who were scheduled to be here. For its inaugural event, they’ve scored an impressive line-up that includes Stan Lee, William Shatner, Adam West, Burt Ward, Henry Winkler, Dean […]

Posted on: Sep 5, 2013,  Section: Comic Books, Conventions, Comments: 3 Comments

Interesting graphic depicting comic-con attendance

IO9 has posted several interesting graphics regarding comic-con attendance and who attends.

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2012 Eisner award winners announced

Last weekend was the Sand Diego Comic-Con and the announcement of the Eisner Awards. This year’s winners are: Best Short Story “The Seventh,” by Darwyn Cooke, in Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition (IDW) Best Single Issue (or One-Shot) Daredevil #7, by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Joe Rivera (Marvel) Best Continuing Series Daredevil, by […]

Posted on: Jul 16, 2012,  Section: Awards, Comic Books, Comic strips, Conventions, Illustration, Comments: Comments Off on 2012 Eisner award winners announced

Tom Richmond wins 2012 Reuben Award; Division awards announced

Last night the National Cartoonists Society gathered in Las Vegas for their annual Reuben Award banquet. The top honor for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year went to MAD Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond. Tom started his career doing caricatures and freelance work for magazines, publishers and advertisers. As a caricaturist, he has been honored by the […]

Posted on: May 27, 2012,  Section: Animation, Awards, Books, Caricature, Comic Books, Comic strips, Conventions, Editorial cartooning, Gatherings, Illustration, Magazines, National Cartoonist Society, web comics, Comments: 7 Comments

Report: New England Webcomics Weekend

Mike Peterson spent the weekend at the New England Webcomics Weekend. He’s posted his impressions and observations on his blog. To begin with, I really didn’t know how big a deal the New England Webcomics Weekend was until Saturday morning, when I discovered that the place was sold out for that day and I’d have […]

Posted on: Nov 9, 2010,  Section: Conventions, web comics, Comments: 6 Comments

PAX sets record with 67k attendees

This year’s Penny Arcade Expo boasts its attendance has set a record at 67,000 attendees and that future events may be limited not by interest, but by the size of the venue. The expo is a spin off to the gaming webcomic Penny Arcade created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik.

Posted on: Sep 10, 2010,  Section: Conventions, web comics, Comments: 1 Comment

Kurtz returns as emcee, Waid to keynote Harvey Awards

Player vs. Player creator Scott Kurtz will return as this year’s Harvey Awards dinner emcee and Mark Waid will be the keynote speaker. The Harvey Awards is held during the Baltimore Comic Con which is scheduled for August 28th. Over the past 25 years, Mark has been involved in every aspect of comics publishing, from […]

Posted on: Aug 6, 2010,  Section: Awards, Conventions, Comments: Comments Off on Kurtz returns as emcee, Waid to keynote Harvey Awards