Lazin’ On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Patrick McDonnell returns to Mutts with a new Sunday page today, and tomorrow new dailies begin anew after mostly reruns for 2024 up to this point. (The Sundays will be all new eventually – but today’s isn’t the starting point for regular new Sunday strips.)

Also returning Sunday was Lyman in Garfield after an absence of eleven years since his last appearance.

According to the Garfield Wiki it is only the third time Lyman has shown up in the Garfield strip since 1983.

We can only imagine why Lyman is showing up on the front page of the local newspaper.

Bonus: Orson of U. S. Acres shows up on the sports page. Did they skin him and make a football?

Be assured that if current Popeye Sunday cartoonist Randy Milholland says Bluto has been around for 92 years then Bluto did indeed first showed up in 1932, September 17, 1932 to be exact:

In the drop panel Brutus mentions Olive breaking the fourth wall.

Which seemed to be a thing on the past week’s comics pages.

Well, Peter in B.C. didn’t quite break the wall.

Herb in Herb and Jamaal was kind of self-referential all week, beginning with the state of comic strip art.

During the course of the week-long arc we find the comic strip is about an African-American family and is by a Black cartoonist.

It was a busy week for Rex Morgan, M.D., starring in his own strip and guesting on Over the Hedge.

Which left no time for his scheduled cameo in The Fusco Brothers.

While in Heart of the City Heart must have eaten some rarebit before dropping off while reading Non Sequitur.

The feature image is from today’s Grand Avenue.