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Ferd’nand Makes U.S. Debut 75 Years Ago

Ferd’nand by Henning Dahl Mikkelsen (signing “Mik”) first appeared in Holland during the year 1937. Ten years later the pantomime comic strip made its United States debut on November 10, 1947, distributed by United Feature Syndicate.

Here is the first week of U.S. dailies.






“Mik” signed the strip until 1970 though it is known Frank Thomas ghosted the comic from 1955 -1965. In 1970 Al Plastino began ghosting Ferd’nand, finally signing the strip as “Al Mik” in 1972. In 1989 “Rehr Mik” (Henrik Rehr) took over the strip until late 2006 (November? December?) at which time it went rerun until ending January 7, 2012 A Sunday strip ran from April 4, 1948 to July 17, 2005.


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