De Adder Gets Threatening “E-Mail From a Fan”

Once again in sync with Mike Peterson’s report today from the AAEC Convention, which touched on intimidating feedback, comes an editorial cartoonist receiving a menacing warning about his cartoons.

‘Challenge Accepted’: De Adder retweets every Poilievre cartoon he’s ever drawn after receiving threatening email.

Political cartoonist Michael de Adder, who works his magic for The Washington Post, The Hill Times, TheToronto Star, and The Halifax Chrionicle Herald tweeted out a particular nasty email he received from a supporter of new Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Oct. 3.

Canadian artist and political cartoonist Michael de Adder's Oct. 3
cartoon for The Hill Times depicting Cons
ervative Leader Pierre
Poilievre as the lead in the 1976 horror film, "The Omen." 

The person didn’t like his Poilievre as The Omen cartoon. “One way or the other, you WILL stop bashing Pierre! The easy way or the hard way, your choice,” wrote the individual, a message de Adder described as an “email from a fan.”

Canada’s The Hill Times carries the story,

and it seems Michael de Adder has responded with a new cartoon: