Newspapers Get Letters About Editorial Cartoons

Malcolm Mayes cartoon for The Edmonton Journal gets reactions.

Malcolm Mayes’ editorial cartoon for March 16 shows his usual level of undisguised and unquenchable disdain for Prime Minister Trudeau. While we have come to expect his cartoons to convey this personal animosity against our duly elected leader, there is a new low reached in this particular offering. It attempts to tie together the oppression in Ukraine with the so-called freedom convoys in Canada.


The Mayes cartoon in the March 16 Journal with the comparison of the Ottawa protesters to the brave people resisting the invasion of Ukrainian is outrageous. The citizens of Ukrainian and their brave leaders are putting their very lives on the line daily. The Ottawa protesters made a carnival of their protest with barbecues and bouncy castles.


I want to convey my thanks and appreciation to cartoonist Malcolm Mayes for his frequent and spot-on portrayals of Justin Trudeau. Our prime minister who, by the way, has just returned from a “war-time mission” to Europe apparently accompanied mostly by an entourage of taxpayer-funded publicists and photographers, is by all accounts a stumbling, bumbling vanity-encumbered fool.


The Yakima Herald-Republic editor should be fired for printing a Dave Whamond cartoon.

…the Yakima Herald-Republic has published an editorial cartoon on St. Patrick’s Day slurring the Irish with the stereotype of the Irish as drunks…

This is horrible and not forgivable. The person who chose to print this cartoon should be terminated. Every one of your readers of Irish descent is owed a strong apology.


Andy Marlette cartoon not funny or insightful according to Standard-Examiner reader.

… I say to myself, “That’s not funny or insightful, just stupid and mean.” Most of the time, it’s for one by Andy Marlette. I hope your editorial staff will ask whether it is funny or insightful before publishing any more of his work. The latest one with Zelensky punching Putin could have been pretty good if he hadn’t maligned Tucker Carlson. I often disagree with Tucker Carlson, but he is one of very few political commentators who will debate with anyone from any party or political view and challenge them. Also, his in-depth interviews always give me new political insights.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch reader agrees with Postcards from Mound City cartoonist Dan Martin.


The March 12 Postcard from Mound City asked readers who they rooted for during the recent baseball labor fight. I thank cartoonist Dan Martin for showing us what is really important. The only winners in that baseball drama are the owners and players. The fans and world events are just a side story.


Pia Guerra editorial cartoon confuses Washington Post reader

I’m usually pretty up on the news of the day, so I get the editorial cartoons. But Pia Guerra’s March 8 Drawing Board cartoon of two people apparently mourning their baby on a gurney had no context, and I didn’t understand it. The print edition had no caption. The online version has a page for it with a caption but no other context. The caption — “Special operation” — did not help. Especially because the cartoons are so topical, they should have some explanation so that viewers can “get” it. If I can’t figure it out today, future readers sure won’t either!

(“Special Operation” is what Putin calls his Ukraine invasion.)