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Paul Trap and Thatababy Move to Moab

Cartoon artist Paul Trap has to keep the creative juices flowing to come up with plots and punchlines for his daily comic strip, Thatababy. Sometimes the inspiration needs coaxing.

“I attribute it to caffeine and the pressure of deadlines,” Trap said

The strip centers on two parents and their curious, often mischievous infant, inspired by Trap’s own family. It runs in about 100 newspapers across the country, including The Boston Globe; The Moab Sun News is delighted to begin featuring Thatababy in our pages this week.

The Moab Sun News celebrates a new comic at the newspaper and a new citizen to the town.

Trap moved to the Moab area last year with his wife, Patricia, who serves as the superintendent of the Southeast Utah Group Area National Parks. As a freelance artist, Trap has the ability to work from anywhere; he and Patricia have lived in various locations around the country following her National Park Service career, including a stint in nearby Cortez, Colorado.

© Paul Trap

Paul Trap has discovered a way to boost circulation of his Thatababy comic strip –
move to a city, get comic in newspaper, wait a year for it to get established, repeat.

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