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Matt Bors on the Future of The Nib and Bors

From Multiversity Comics:

For the second year, we have put together a ‘Best Small Press’ category for our Year in Review series. And, also for the second year, the Nib was our top choice for that category.


So Multiversity decided to have A Chat with The Nib’s Matt Bors.

They started with…

What’s retirement like?

Matt Bors: I am working full time running The Nib and working on a few side projects, primarily as co-writer of a comic book series that will launch next year. It’s not announced yet, so I have to remain quiet about the details, but it’s a violent political genre comic and something that should satisfy longtime readers of mine. I am itching to draw more too. I did manage to draw two new strips for our recent Nature and Secrets issues of the magazine, but that’s it. It’s been the longest stretch without drawing much that I have done in my adult life and I’m hoping to change that in 2022.

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