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Sam Nakahira – 2021 John Locher Award Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the 2021 AAEC John Locher Memorial Award, Sam Nakahira!

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists has announced the Winner Sam Nakahira, the Runner-Up Katie Vuong, and Finalists Reilly Branson, Tom Coute, and Izzy Boyce-Blanchard for the 2021 John Locher Memorial Award.

Sam Nakahira is a Japanese American comic artist. Her comics have been published or are forthcoming by the Nib, Vox, and Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

This year’s panelists said: “Sam’s work contains strong, clear opinions balanced with well-researched facts. Sam uses pop culture touchstones such as books, movies and music to beautifully illustrate and explore the history of American Imperialism, while also reflecting on her own biases.”

More at the AAEC announcement.

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