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DC Comics to Webtoon; Webcomic Archie to Print

DC Comics and Webtoon have announced they will be collaborating on webcomics.

WEBTOON Entertainment Inc, the world’s number one webcomic platform today announced it has entered into a creative partnership with DC. The agreement will see DC and WEBTOON collaborate on several upcoming webcomic series’ set in the DC Universe. These standalone series will appeal to all fans, without the need to know or read any previous stories. Additional details – including information about local language translations – will be supplied in the coming weeks.

“DC is excited to introduce our iconic characters to a new generation of fans worldwide,” said DC General Manager, Daniel Cherry III. “We’ve been working closely with the WEBTOON writers and artists to adapt our characters and stories to WEBTOON’s mobile format.

Read the short announcement from DC Comics.

© Webtoon; DC Comics

Will the webcomics be long form or short form? (Probably long form.)
Will the characters be Western or Manga?
Will American superstar artists and writers contribute?
Can Western readers adapt to reading vertically?
So many unknowns for now.

At Comics Beat Heidi MacDonald tells us the unknowns we know:

No creative teams were announced, although quite sensibly, it sounds like the DC characters will be adapted by Webtoon creators, and it won’t be established DC creators trying to work in a “how do you do, fellow kids?” manner. The format for scrolling mobile comics is quite different than traditional comics pages.


Elsewhere Archie Comics‘ “Bite Sized Archie” webcomics will be offered as a print collection.

Amy Ratcliffe reports for Nerdist:

The best things come in small packages. I’m not sure how often that saying proves to be true, but it definitely applies to this exclusive announcement. Bite Sized Archie, a popular weekly webcomic that debuted through Archie Comics‘ social media platforms, is getting its very own printed collection: Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1. The collection from writer Ron Cacace and artist Vincent Lovallo collects a year of stories, plus bonus sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. It’s the perfect way to catch up in case you missed any of the webcomic installments.

© Archie Comics

Writer and director of publicity and social media for Archie Comics Ron Cacace tells Nerdist … “I’m so incredibly lucky to work with an amazing collaborator like Vincent, someone who takes every idea I have and manages to make it ten times better, and to have the steadfast support of our CEO/Publisher Jon Goldwater, who has championed this series from the start. And of course, we have to thank the incredibly passionate Archie Comics fans for embracing Bite Sized Archie in such a huge way.”

Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1 arrives in comic book shops and book stores in spring 2022.


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