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Rex Morgan and Me and Anna Mae (Anime)

You and me both Rex.

The long-running comic strip Rex Morgan, M.D. made references to Crunchyroll and Kirakira Precure a la Mode in its August 8 strip, which did not escape the notice of eagle-eyed Precure fans.

In the comic, Rex receives a request from his daughter Sarah to buy a subscription to the Crunchyroll “TV channel” so that she can watch Kirakira Precure a la Mode, which Rex (understandably) confuses as assortments of pastry and desserts.

It seems cartoonist Terry Beatty wasn’t just throwing together a word salad.

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Precure fan and Twitter user @Precure lyrics reached out to Rex Morgan, M.D. artist Terry Beatty to ask about the inspiration behind the strip.

And Terry responded:

Anime News Network has the details and links.

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