Jim Thompson’s Code Red Comics at RedState

Editorial and sports cartoonist Jim Thompson has a new gig at the conservative website
RedState with a (mostly) daily cartoon called Code Red Comics.

Red State welcomed Jim and a few other contributors today:

As our readers are undoubtedly aware, we’ve had a lot of exciting changes at RedState this year and have added some new faces and features. Since the year is half over, it’s a good time to go over those changes and welcome these new faces.

Adding to our California contingent of contributors is Jim Thompson, an award-winning cartoonist most recently with the Los Angeles Times. Jim’s work has also appeared in the LA Daily News and its parent company LANG News Group papers; Orange County Register; Salt Lake Tribune; Denver Post. Dodger Magazine; ESPN; Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard; Hero Sports and many more. He has also been a trial attorney for 30 years.

While the bulk of his ‘toons have been sports-related, at RedState Jim gets political. His ‘toons run under the banner “Code Red Comics,” and here’s one of my favorites:

The Red Code Comics archive goes back to mid June 2021 and is a mix of political and sports cartoons, both from a conservative viewpoint. The cartoons are also accompanied by a short (a few hundred words) column. Here’s a sample of that with an excerpt from a recent and funny sports cartoon/column:

This year, mid-season, MLB cracked down on pitchers. Foreign substances have been used for years but MLB decided that this year, mid-season, it would start enforcing a rule. Yeah, “foreign substances” have always been banned but unless the ball was stuck to a pitcher’s fingers, umps looked the other way.


Well, unless it’s rosin. We’ll give you a rosin bag.

Oh? Rosin isn’t a foreign substance?

Well, yes it is… but…it isn’t.

Ok. So rosin IS a foreign substance but it’s legal. Got it. Can I use sunscreen?

Yes, of course. MLB is against skin cancer.

Can I use sunscreen with rosin?

Oh no. That’s illegal.

What? Both are ok, but not ok…together? Like matter and anti-matter?

Yeah, that’s right…

I can’t use pine tar?

Oh no!

But, rosin has pine tar in it.

Yeah, but it’s called rosin. So it’s ok, and no sunscreen with rosin. Cool?

If I’m batting, can I use pine tar?

Of course, we’re not crazy.

So – though political cartoons are the order of the day,
Jim gets in a couple sports cartoons every week.
(More Jim Thompson sports cartoons at Thompson Sports Art.)


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