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Ozark Ike was created by Rufus Anderson Gotto, who was a native of Tennessee so he probably knew something about hillfolk. However, his character was called Ozark Ike so maybe he didn’t want to insult any of his fellow Tennesseans.

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Baseball month starts with this classic comic strip from the 1950’s, Cotton Woods, in an out of print collection from Kitchen Sink which covers a selection of the strips from it’s start in the summer of 1955 through the last strip in July of 1958.


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[O]ne more salient point about You Know Me Al. It is funny. The fact has gone unmentioned, or been taken for granted, by Mrs. Woolf, Mencken, Fitzgerald, and others as they studied the literary or scientific aspects of the book. But Al knocked the country head over heels in the first place because people laughed at it, so intensely that the echoes have been accepted at face value ever since.


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The Great American Cartoonist Rube Goldberg said that he “saw a man smile” in Brooklyn on October 11, 1916. “It was the first smile in sixteen years,” he said, and he caught it in a sketch. The following day that smile got wiped off when Boston won the series and Rube had to account for that too.


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