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NCS’ 75th Annual Reuben Awards Taking Shape

National Cartoonists Society members are being asked to vote their favorites
in five Reuben Award divisions for work that appeared in 2020.

There are five divisions to vote on, the top three nominees in each division are what you’ll be deciding. All of these divisions were juried by regional NCS chapters and the results were tallied to arrive at these final nominees. If a division had a tie vote, you will see four nominees. Nominees are listed alphabetically by last name. The remaining eleven divisions were all juried by specialty juries and their results will be announced when this online voting process is finished. Winners will be announced at the Annual Reuben Awards late summer 2021.

The five divisions for members to vote for are Newspaper Panel, Newspaper Strip, Gag Cartoon, Editorial Cartoons and the Variety Entertainment.

The eleven divisions to be decided by specialty juries, because of the length and/or complexity of the work, are Book Illustration, Magazine/Newspaper Illustration, Greeting Cards, Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Advertising/Product Illustration, Online Comics – Short Form, Online Comics – Long Form, Feature Animation, Television Animation and Online Animation.

Again: the voting is for NCS members only.

After the Reuben Weekend and Dinner was cancelled last year due to The Covid, this year’s 75th Annual festivities are still being finalized. When and where have not been made public other than “late summer 2021.” It is hoped that by that time the pandemic will have eased enough to allow the usual gathering rather than a virtual gala like last year. But that decision is probably months away.

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