They’re Doing It, You Too Can Help Bob Wiacek

From ComicsBeat:

It seems Wildstorm editor Scott Dunbier found an unpublished script by Moore for Gen 13 annual a while ago. Recently he auctioned off the script – which has the tantalizing title “The Coming of the Collector” – to raise money for veteran inker Bob Wiacek who is struggling with a diagnosis of glaucoma. 

Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan won the auction, but the story doesn’t end there as he explained on Instagram:

Recently, legendary comics creator Bob Wiacek (who inked some of my favorite images ever, including the cover to Uncanny X-Men 210, easily the most badass thing my 10-year-old self had ever seen) has been dealing with some costly health issues. Enter editor extraordinaire @sdunbier, who offered to help raise some funds for Bob by auctioning off the only existing script of an unpublished GEN13 Annual by our greatest living writer, Alan Moore (with Mr. Moore’s generous permission, of course). And guess which aging fanboy used some of his ill-gotten Hollywood blood money to acquire this important piece of comics history?

Brian K. Vaughan is offering a scan of that script for any donation to Bob Wiacek.

The unfinished story (still over 35 pages long!) is a sharp, surreal satire of X-Men, Teen Titans, and the entire industry of that era, and Moore puts more thought into each of his panel descriptions than most of us put into entire series. Anyway, rather than hoarding this lost treasure in my BKVault, I thought I would share it with those of you who are kind enough to donate ANY AMOUNT to Bob Wiacek’s GoFundMe page (link in bio!). Please just forward your donation receipt to this email: ThanksForHelpingBobW at gmail dot com, and my correspondence wiener dog Hamburger K. Vaughan will eventually send you back a private link to a scan of the script for your personal reading pleasure.

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Bob Wiacek has a long history with comic books, but he did manage to dip his toes in the comic strip field. He was one of a few who helped Joe Sinnott with inking The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday comic strip. He ghosted inks on at least a half dozen Sundays, but one time he did get credit.

This is sad, an artist needs his hands and his eyes.
If you can help Bob in any way please do.