Ed Colley Trivia Panel for Ipswich Local News

Cartoonist Ed Colley has redesigned the Ipswich Local News logo.

Editor/publisher John P. Muldoon explains:

Astute readers — and I am fully confident that is each and every one of you — will have noticed a small change to the Ipswich Local News logo recently.

The clam has been replaced with a new version drawn by our cartoonist Ed Colley. The previous image was outsourced in 2015, over the internet, to some guy in Pakistan.

The price was right — which is to say cheap — but the illustrator first had a couple of questions: What does a clam look like? And what’s a town crier?

Ed Colley is a regular contributor to the Massachusetts newspaper with spot illustrations
and editorial cartoons focusing on local issues.

Fans may remember Ed from his Suburban Cowgirls comic strip of the 1990s:

Now Ed is doing a comic feature for the weekly Ipswich newspaper.

The feature asks questions about the areas history with answers coming the following week.

Ipswich Trivia
Ed Colley
July 15, 2020 –
weekly panel
Ipswich Local News