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Cartooning Down Under

It Ain’t The Stanley But…

In a year in which horrible news has been replaced by more horrible news, the job of a political cartoonist is more important than ever.

That’s according to the Museum of Australian Democracy, which has named The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Cathy Wilcox the political cartoonist of the year.

Wilcox’s award was announced on Friday at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Old Parliament House. The Behind the Lines exhibition of political cartoons from the year also begins on Friday, and two of Wilcox’s cartoons have also been selected in the curator’s top 10.

The Brisbane Times reports on the Cathy Wilcox win.


This, On The Other Hand, is The Stanley

Next weekend will be The Stanleys, when the Australian Cartoonists Association will present awards to a number of cartoonists in various categories including The Gold Stanley to The Cartoonist of the Year.



Too Early?

I’m told that Australia is living in a different future time dimension than the U.S., but I think putting up The Best Political Cartoons of 2020 before Thanksgiving Day is too early. The Guardian disagrees.

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