The Day After “The Glorious Fourth”

It is still the holiday weekend and some residue remains.

A print of that fine Mutts comic is available.


As the embers of the fireworks die out in Prince Valiant.


It’s police detective meets private detective as Dethany joins Dick Tracy again.

update: This will be a true crossover. Bill Holbrook announces:

I have a cool announcement to make that’s been in the works for quite some time: crossover stories involving “On the Fastrack” and “Dick Tracy.” It will involve two separate storylines featuring Dethany’s Noir Detective avatar, and the “Dick Tracy” narrative begins today at

The “Fastrack” story starts on July 16.

It’s been amazing to work with Mike Curtis and Joe Staton, and a lot of fun, too. We hope you enjoy it.


If you are spending today at the beach, there’s a caution in Wallace the Brave.


Today’s Sally Forth has me wishing Jim Keefe was creating new Flash Gordon strips.


A reminder from Randy Milholland to those who have been
enjoying his rejuvenated Popeye’s Cartoon Club strips.


Samson comments on today’s Dark Side of the Horse seems to be good news. As reported here last year there seemed to be hints that the comic strip was going into print syndication; Samson all but confirms that today with:

BAD NEWS: No more ‘Classics’. No more animated GIFs. No more zany adventures far outside the cartoon panel. And there’ll be months of reruns ahead. Some with ever so slight edits.

GOOD NEWS: No more typoes, unless their intentional. There’ll be a DSotH cartoon every day, on time. Every Sunday, too. A proper Sunday cartoon like the one above. Distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication.


I’m over the moon. Getting syndicated was always my #1 professional dream. And they’re not bad news in a literal sense, everything just must potentially work within the confines of a newspaper from now on…


From 125 years ago this weekend via The Ohio State University: