The Latest MAD Sadness

Tom Richmond has been one of “the usual gang of idiots” for 20 years,
and that may be the limit for his usual idiosyncratic contributions to MAD.
Tom’s latest news about the historic satire magazine brings summertime blues:

MAD #15 is due to be released in August and will contain some new material. Back in late May MAD stopped accepting solicitations for new work “for the rest of the year”. That includes the year end issue, which is traditionally the “MAD 20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things” of the year. Projects already in the pipeline would be completed, but nothing new would be commissioned except for a new cover each issue. I’ve also been told recently that there will be a new Fold-In every issue, now done by the brilliant Johnny Sampson since Al Jaffee started laying down on the job at a spritely 99 years old. (and he was just getting the hang of it).

From #16 onward, MAD will be basically 100% reprint material. The exceptions will be a smattering of new stuff that had already been commissioned or is paid for and languishing in the “evergreen” drawer [emphasis added].

More details at Tom’s MAD blog. But sadly, and not just for Tom:

I am currently wrapping up a two pager for MAD #15 today.
Unless things change this will be my last interior work for the magazine.


Solicitation for MAD #15, scheduled for released in August, reads:

Need to save your summer from ruin by a villainous virus? MAD’s superhero-themed issue to the rescue! We lampoon your favorite caped characters in all-new features, including favorites like, “Snappy Answers to Superhero Questions,” “Spy vs. Spy,” and Sergio Aragonés’ “Shadow Knows.” And we’re reprinting beloved MAD classics like “Bat Boy and Rubin” from way back in 1953! It’s an issue that’s sure to leave you shouting, “Holy blecch, Batman!”

Above: a couple panels from 1953’s “Bat Boy and Rubin.”
Can you identify the individual members of The Fleagle Gang?