Swipe File – The Sipress Christmas Hanukkah

Cartoonist David Sipress recently had one of his New Yorker cartoons
co opted for use in a conceptual art exhibit.
Or as David says, “I wuz robbed.”

David, in The New Yorker, tells of the appropriation:

This is my original drawing of the cartoon. Haendel took my cartoon and reproduced it exactly in a different medium: graphite, as opposed to my pen and ink. He then framed the drawing and hung it on a wall with four other appropriated drawings, and titled the work “Mazel Tov Group.” Ironically, were I to reproduce his drawing of my drawing without permission, I’d probably have legal problems.

Well, if David ain’t gonna show the reproduction (which includes the Sipress signature), neither am I. But you can see the display on the art gallery’s website.