MAD Magazine Lives (in MADison Magazine)

THE spoof magazine, MAD itself, got spoofed by Madison Magazine.

From Madison Magazine:

We’ve gone MAD!

Don’t think we haven’t heard the whispering behind our backs from people who don’t take our monthly publication as seriously as we do: “Madison Magazine? More like MAD magazine!”

Well, to those folks we say: Your wish has been granted! In this eight-page section, we take a self-deprecating look at Madison Magazine and our namesake city while paying tribute to MAD magazine, which set the gold standard for pop culture and political satire.

The Wisconsin magazine has included eight MAD-like pages in their January issue.

The parody can be read, with some background, at the Madison website.

Also at the website are profiles of the cartoonists that contributed to the project:
Mark Fredrickson, Dan. E. BurrTommy Washbush, SAWBLADE, Nicole Peaslee, and Tom Richmond.
That includes a couple that have actually been a part of “The Usual Gang of Idiots.

Tom Richmond talks about his contribution, a caricature of Wendy Bucci (William Gaines daughter).


p.s.: MAD magazine does indeed live. Though now a mixture of new and reprint (heavy on the reprint) features, it continues with editions being published (schedule?) for the foreseeable future.