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Joy to the World – A Lynda Barry Interview

When are you officially too old to make a bad drawing? As kids, we would frequently scribble the wildest things across the page with zero inhibitions, but as we grow up, we often start judging the things we make.

That’s where Lynda Barry comes in.

Lynda Barry sits down for a twenty minute video interview.

Discussing heroes and inspirations from Chewbacca to R. Crumb to Family Circus.

With truly laugh-out-loud moments to the emotional telling of Lynda meeting Jeff Keane to the absolute joy she expresses at seeing interviewer Tom Powers’ art when they have a drawing exercise.
Lynda deserves that MacArthur Genius Grant just for being Lynda!

Do yourself a favor and watch the Lynda interview,
it truly is a “most wonderful time of the year” moment.

Making Comics, would be a great Christmas present for yourself or the youngsters.


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