Virginia Brewery Releases ‘Frazz IPA’

From Jef Mallett’s Facebook Page:

It’s here!

Old Ox Brewery, in Ashburn, VA, just released a special-edition Frazz IPA, “A Hoppier Place.”

Old Ox is a local operation, and even though Prohibition has been repealed for some time now, they can’t ship. Unless you live in the DC area, or know your own personal Al Capone who does, it could be tricky to get your hands on some.

But I have it on good authority* it’s worth it. Long-time Frazz devotee and even longer-time friend Jon Brandt, who not only has great taste but lives in the right place, describes it as “… hazy, not terribly bitter and just 5.5% ABV. It’s that dry-hopped style that emphasizes the fruitiness of the hops rather than the bitterness. So nice, I had two!” Thanks, Jon — and also for the photos! And thanks to Old Ox for the supremely flattering idea, for being such a delight to work with, and of course for the beer!

Photos courtesy Jon Brandt: