What the Heller!? (Letters to Editors)

Newspaper readers look at America from different Vista Points than cartoonists.


Joe Heller cynicism is a bit too much:

I know the Sun has a contract with syndicated cartoonist, Joe Heller, but sometimes the cynicism is a bit too much. Like this past week, when millions of Americans were inspired by the 50th anniversary of human reach to another planetary body. This could have been taken as a point to inspire and uplift in a cartoon, not run yet another harangue at our president.

In Joe’s defense, he did do an Apollo Anniversary cartoon.



Adam Zyglis is biased AND incorrect:

Once again your cartoon in Tuesday’s paper was highly biased to the left — and incorrect. The United States has not changed its policy of welcoming immigrants. Our southern border has been overwhelmed by people trying to enter our country illegally.

Immigrants can still enter the U.S. and apply for asylum or citizenship as always — but the hordes trying to enter have greatly slowed down the process — not the fault of the government.



Phil Hands shocks reader with “clearly racist cartoon:”

I was frankly shocked at your clearly racist cartoon on Wednesday, July 17, in response to the vote to condemn President Trump’s racist tweets and attacks on members of Congress. Depicting progressive American congresswomen, born in America and duly elected to serve in our congress, as primitive “African” creatures with bones in their noses is a direct and unsubtle race-baiting visual that does not serve a positive political dialogue.



Gary McCoy is not appropriate or funny:

Your cartoon showing an undocumented immigrant getting better care in a hospital than a U.S. citizen, by Gary McCoy, is not appropriate or funny.

This was especially true as recent visits by members of Congress have confirmed the deplorable and criminal conditions, e.g., children forced to drink from latrines, inadequate food, windowless cells.



Michael Ramirez presents a mathematical impossibility (scroll down):

Mathematically, it is impossible for a single person to drop out of the current campaign and have the effect of raising the average IQ of the remaining 24 candidates by 30 points. For example, Eric Swalwell’s IQ would need to be negative-720 to raise the average IQ of the remaining 24 candidates by 30 points.



David Fitzsimmons and his double left-wing ideology is absolutely pathetic:

David, I have read some of your ‘articles’ and I might even like you as a person. BUT, your double left-wing ideology is absolutely pathetic. How many of these (illegal) immigrants have you personally fed and housed? It’s SO easy for you to stand back and criticize;, but what have you actually DONE? …

Your ‘cartoon’ Sunday is genuinely disgusting.. You have no right to blame the current administration when it is the refusal of previous governments to actually ENFORCE existing laws.


Q. What kind of idiot are you?
A. High-functioning.

Elsewhere Fitz responds to some reader questions.