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Eye Candy: Rowland B. Wilson



Rowland B Wilson (1930-2005) was an animator, an ad agency art director and a cartoonist. He is probably best known to the general public (of a certain age) for the cartooning, and that’s what I’ll feature in this post.

I was “of a certain age” for the Rowland magazine cartoons.

Once upon a time magazines were very popular and they all ran cartoons.
Some more (and better) than others.
Playboy was among those that featured “artsy” cartoons.
And a highlight of any issue of Playboy was the Rowland B. Wilson cartoon.
Outside of Playboy (and Esquire and New Yorker and SatEvePost and…) one could enjoy the Rowland handiwork with the ubiquitous New England Life ads.



Donald Pittenger recently showed an appreciation of Rowland B. Wilson.

If that whetted your appetite, Lief Peng offers more.



While Michael Sporn offered up views from the entire career of Rowland B. Wilson.





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