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Garry Trudeau’s #SAD! Tour Has Reached Utah

The Park City Record interviews G. B. Trudeau in anticipation of his arrival.

PR: While Trump was on the campaign trail, did you ever think he would become president? What was your reaction when the votes came in?

GT: No, and: horror.



Macanudo Tryout in The Oregonian

Macanudo gets a two week trial in The Oregonian.

Gotta admit I’m enjoying the unconventional strip.



The Art of Rube Goldberg Exhibit

The Philly Inquirer spotlights Rube Goldberg and the city’s exhibit of his art.



Comic Strip Etymology

Richard Lederer looks at some newspaper comics’ images and words that have colored our language.

(Though I think he’s off-base crediting Siegel and Shuster in popularizing “Superman”, not long after George Bernard Shaw’s play that word became common.)



Happy Birthday Russell Myers (80)


Happy Birthday Mike Peters (75)



“On Monday, My House Disappeared”

A year ago the Tubbs Fire destroyed over 5 thousand structures, almost 3,000 homes in Santa Rosa. The Press Democrat, on the anniversary of that tragedy, looks back by profiling Brian Fies and previewing his A Fire Story.

More For Your Library

Walt Kelly’s Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol.5: “Out Of This World At Home” is available today.


Comic Strip Cartoonist #9 is available for preorder
(if you want a print edition better order quickly).


And that great Hipshot portrait at the top of the page?
That’s by Walt Simonson and is the the cover of the newest Comics Revue.










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