Dave Whamond’s New Kids’ Book ‘Rosie’s Glasses’ Now Available

Reality Check cartoonist, multiple Reuben category award-winner and all-around Canadian Dave Whamond has just released a new book from Kids Can Press. “Rosie’s Glasses” is written and illustrated by Dave and early reviews over at Amazon are saying:

“one of the best books I have ever read.”



Here’s more from the promotional piece on Amazon:

Award-winning author and illustrator Dave Whamond is known for his energetic, humorous and colorful art. Here he uses three different color palettes to powerfully tell a story of how moods can affect what we see. The wordless format encourages visual literacy and deeper readings of the story based on individual interpretation. It also invites nonreaders to develop vocabulary and narrative skill by ?reading? the illustrations. This book offers a perfect lead-in to a discussion about good and bad moods. It also works for lessons on self-awareness and personal development, and as an excellent reminder to children (and adults!) that we can all exercise some control over how we see our world.