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Homage Where The Heart Is

Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #236 (on sale now) has a few pages of the kids’ adventures drawn as tribute pages to Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.

Of course tributes to the genius that is Bill Watterson is not uncommon.

Some years ago Dan and Tom Heyerman did Calvin and Hobbes some years later.


Locust Moon Comics’ Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream is an entire oversized book of cartoonists professing their love for Winsor McCay.


Harry Roland adapted Hal Foster‘s first two full Prince Valiant pages into four half page strips in honor of the master.

Here is the first Prince Valiant page to compare.


Which brings us to the most recent tribute brought to my attention.
Cartoonist David Lapham, as a gift to his wife Maria, began doing a strip in honor of E. C. Segar.

Maria Lapham, as a gift to us, began posting some of the For The Love of Segar strips on the web.


And, after a few days of a mysteriously vacant Old Comics Home, Jim Scancarelli begins showing his admiration for the old characters in, what should be, an extended sequence in Gasoline Alley.

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