Rob Rogers to Be Published in Pittsburgh Again

The new alternative newspaper Pittsburgh Current has reached an agreement to publish Rob Rogers political cartoons on the web and in print.

Pittsburgh Current is pleased to announce that it will be the first Pittsburgh publication to carry former Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers. An agreement was reached with this morning with Andrews McMeel Universal, Rogers syndication group, for the Pittsburgh Current to begin sharing Rogers’ cartoons online Monday, and for inclusion in all future print issues.

Pittsburgh Current Editor Charlie Deitch says: “Rob Rogers is one of the most important voices in the Pittsburgh media landscape. I couldn’t imagine a Pittsburgh publication not carrying his cartoons. It’s a natural fit for us and for our readers and we could not be prouder to carry Rob’s excellent work and keep his voice right where it belongs in Pittsburgh.”

As seen in this June 20th NEXTpittsburgh story about the formation of Pittsburgh Current (with a link to a Charlie Deitch Splinter story from last month), editor Deitch and cartoonist Rogers have a certain shared bond.

In the wake of Deitch’s dismissal [from the weekly alternative Pittsburgh City Paper], which he alleges was due to his critical coverage of conservative PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, readers had inundated the CP’s social media pages with comments, not all of them polite.

More from the Pittsburgh Current announcement:

Deitch, long-time editor of the Pittsburgh City Paper, was fired after refusing to back down from covering a local politician. Deitch adds, “I think it’s very meaningful to have two casualties of conservative ownership working together on Pittsburgh’s first truly influence-free publication.”