Snopes Fact Checks the Rob Rogers Situation as P-G Journalists Write Letter to Readers

The fact checking site Snopes has investigated the circumstances surrounding the recent difficulties between the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Rob Rogers.

Was a Cartoonist Fired for an Anti-Trump Drawing?


Rob Rogers was fired by the ‘Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’ after the newspaper rejected a number of cartoons critical of Donald Trump’s presidential policies.


Rogers’ firing wasn’t based on one single cartoon.


The Snopes “Origin” has an accurate timeline of how the whole mess went down.


Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s union journalists took out an ad in today’s newspaper to remind subscribers and readers that the news department is made up of reporters who are “independent, impartial journalists who work without interference or influence.”


The Post-Gazette’s non-union newsroom editors also produced an ad proclaiming their commitment to honest reporting and freedom from undue influence.

The Post-Gazette covered both actions in their newspaper today.


Elsewhere today Rob Rogers began issuing new political cartoons as a syndicated cartoonist.