Draw Muhammad winner Bosch Fawstin will not go into hiding; American Freedom Defense Initiative covering its tracks

Bosch Fawstin, the artist whose drawing of the Prophet Muhammad won the Draw Muhammad contest in Garland TX the night two gun-men attempted a shooting spree, says he’s not going into hiding and will continue to expose “the world’s most dangerous” movement.

From World Net Daily:

Fawstin, who spoke to WND Friday evening by telephone, said he has received specific death threats since Sunday and is taking measures to protect himself that he is not at liberty to discuss.

But he has no intention of going into hiding or dropping his focus on exposing, as a graphic novelist and artist, what he believes is the world?s most dangerous and ?evil? political and ideological movement.

In a related news item, American Freedom Defense Initiative, the Draw Muhammad organizer, is reportedly removing images of the submitted drawings of the Prophet Muhammad from their website. Kathy Mannix posted her findings over at ComicsDC:

Cartoon lovers may no longer be able to access the slideshow of works submitted to the American Freedom Defense Initiative* Inaugural Draw Muhammad contest held May 3 in Garland, Tex., a suburb of Dallas. The slideshow on Photobucket was easily accessed Wednesday, May 6, when I checked out the wide-ranging talents of those who entered the contest. By Friday, May 8, I couldn’t access the slideshow. Visitors to the AFDI site can still see the winning cartoon and click to view video of interviews by The United West* founder Tom Trento with attendees and graphic novelist Bosch Faustin, the contest winner.