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City Paper cuts Maakies, Tony Millionaire attacks paper on Twitter

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The City Paper opted to drop Tony Millionaire’s (aka Scott Richardson) Maakies because they felt the comic was no longer fresh and often misogynistic. The paper’s editor Evan Serpick writes the background on why they decided to cut Maakies after a 15 year run.

“Maakies” by Tony Millionaire (aka Scott Richardson) for 15 years, but this week we decided to stop running it. We told Millionaire our decision and explained the reasons, and were content to leave it at that. But he took to Twitter with dozens of tweets lashing out at City Paper and me as editor, quoting from my email to him, calling the staff “idiots” and “cunts” and asking me, “You on the rag now?” So, I figured I’d explain the decision, which actually reflects on an interesting dynamic in alternative newspapers around the country.

After reading some of the tweets, I hope other papers review their subscriptions to the strip.

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