First Salt Lake Comic Con sets records

The inaugural Salt Lake Comic Con has set the record for the largest opening comic con in the nation with over 90,000 tickets sold for the three day event. 70-80,000 were estimated to have attended Saturday alone stretching the convention center to capacity and requiring the fire marshal to limit entry. That action barred even artists in artist alley from getting to their tables. Adrian Ropp, a Disney Interactive artist here Salt Lake, left the hall to get lunch and couldn’t get back in for about two hours. Despite the hiccups most artists I followed through the weekend were amazed at the turn-out and success of the con.

Adrian wrote up his feelings on the con and posted them on Facebook:

Salt Lake Comic Con was an absolute blast. Even with the crowds today and a slight snafu that banished me out of the building for two hours, I have to say that it was a massively successful event. So many great guests, artists and surprises. I have a feeling a lot of the kinks will be worked out of the system by next year, and hopefully they can open up the remaining sections of the Salt Palace to accommodate what I’m sure will be an outpouring of booth requests.

The Governor’s office said it was the largest convention in Utah to date. All of which guarantees that next year the comic convention will be back and better prepared.

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