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Profiled: Nina Paley and “Sita Sings The Blues”

Women’s Voices for Change has profiled Nina Paley and discusses her film “Sita Sings The Blues: The Greatest Break-Up Story Every Told.”

Kicked to the curb by a beloved husband, many women would turn off the phone, grab the H”aagen-Daz and crawl under the covers. But Nina Paley channeled her own sorrow and rage into a gloriously singular, hilarious and tragic, animated musical feature film – Sita Sings The Blues: The Greatest Break-Up Story Every Told. Screened at 150 film festivals, Sita won 35 international awards and even earned a rave review from Roger Ebert. “I was enchanted,” he wrote about screening Sita. “I was swept away. I was smiling from one end of the film to the other. It was astonishingly original.”

The film was released in 2008.

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