Comic Reporter wraps up 20 Holiday interviews

Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon has posted the last of his 20 part holiday interview series. He does it every year and from experience – these kinds of things take A LOT of effort to coordinate, transcribe and link up – especially so because these are not simple 5 question interviews.

This year’s interviewees included:
Joe Casey, Karl Stevens, Matt Seneca, Matt Bors, Dustin Harbin, Peggy Burns, Zunar, Kiel Phegley, Jason T. Miles, Dylan Horrocks, Daren White, David Brothers, Andrew Farago, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Gagnon, Dirk Deppey, James Sturm, Brigid Alverson, Daniel Clowes and Jaime Hernandez.

Check them out. Quite worth your time.