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Festival of Cartoon Art notes: James Sturm

James Sturm is a co-founder of the Center of Cartoon Studies in Vermont.

  • James Sturm is showing us the artwork for his new book Marekt Day. Check it out:
  • James Sturm now talking about his 4 month sabbatical away from the internet. You can read about it here:
  • James Sturm now talking about collaboration and the various collaborative projects he’s worked on.
  • is another collaborative by James Sturm project to teach and inspire future artists find their skills.
  •  James Sturm: “Cartooning isn’t writing and art – it’s poetry and graphic design”
  • James Sturm: “Cartooning is a calling first, a career second.”
  • James Sturm was asked, “Why did you create the Center for Cartoon Studies?” to which he replied, “There’s a need for a hands-on environment to teach making comics”

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